Toni Ho

Experienced full-stack developer with a passion for building things on the web. Seattle, WA 98102 | | (206) 427-8921

Summary of Qualifications

  • Over 10 years of experience in web development with a proven track record of handling all aspects of site development, from site design, architecture, site development and client management.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Wordpress and Drupal.
  • Adept at learning new programming languages and skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

Work Experience

2008 - Present

Web Developer

NADA Global /

  • Improved reach by creating mobile-first responsive themes and converting existing layouts to mobile friendly responsive ones. The company has since transitioned from creating mobile-only sites to making responsive ones.
  • Boost site usability by making it easier to search for and filter historic events for The African American Registry.
  • Refined user experience by introducing both minor and major user interface/layout/site structure changes.

2011 - 2012

Drupal Developer

Avenue Web Media

  • Enhanced the work flow for distributed content editors and eliminated the need to do a build process after every site update by converting the site into Drupal and providing editors with improved moderation tools to have them go through and approve changes quicker.
  • Developed functonality for a global architecture and design firm to create and deploy branch / region sites quickly and allowed the subsites to pull content from the global site as well as use their own region specific content.
  • Implemented a feature that allowed users to select from any of the content of the site and convert these to a generated PDF with a cover, table of contents, and different layouts for various content types.
  • Built a system that imported and synced Drupal data into a custom built PHP/jQuery UI CRM. Changes from the Drupal end would carry over to the CRM and vice versa, and a revision system was introduced to keep track of the edits.

2003 - 2011

Web Development Head

Acmeweb Solutions

  • Improved site performance by developing and refining the caching mechanisms and database queries for, Cebu's biggest jobs site.
  • Created standard Drupal and Wordpress bundled packages that cut down initial development / setup time.
  • Increased traffic by 40% for a niche ecommerce site by improving its Search Engine Rankings.
  • Improved sell-through rate for the same niche ecommerce site by streamlining the registration and checkout experience.
  • Worked directly with clients with minimal technical knowledge and helped them establish and enhance their online presence.

Languages & Technologies


BS in Computer Science, Cebu Doctors' University, Cebu City, Philippines - 03/2003